The-Well-beloved-by-Thomas-HardyThe Well-beloved completes the cycle of hardy’s great novels, repeating his favorite themes of man’s eternal striving for perfection both in love and in art, and in the suffering that follows.

Jocelyn Pierston, the famous sculptor, tries to create the image of his ideal woman – his imaginary lover-in stone, just as he tries to find her in the flesh. Powerful symbolism marks this romantic fantasy that Hardy firmly grounded in reality with a characteristically accurate reflection of the island of Svingerov (Portland). A candid study of the relationship between erotic passion and creativity makes this novel iconic in the 19th century in a constant debate about art.

The book is filled with the scent of love and devotion. Anyone who is at least a little familiar with romantic literature, appreciate the novel and happy to read it again, constantly enjoying the story.

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