Far-from-the-Madding-Crowd-by-Thomas-HardyHere lives a smart, beautiful and independent, with a business acumen, a bit Flirty – it was a good. Heart shatters like a crystal glass. That came a-Courtin ‘ to her suitor. But the trouble is rustic, not handsome, calm, at first glance too peaceful. And she needs to swirl swirl to every minute said, what she is a clever and beautiful.

Well…not because she’s willing to marry him, but it’s nice. Surrounding say, that an opportune the bridegroom. What you need. Laconic, reliable, knows his business. No need. You want the fireworks to compliments every minute so the Prince was. To make your heart tremble like a bird. And surrounding say that the scoundrel, the scoundrel, the womanizer. But will the heart listen to the voice of reason? And maybe no heart at all, but maybe it’s female vanity? To be conquered by such a handsome Prince? Maybe then he’ll cheat, maybe then it will be very painful, but for now enjoy the moment of ecstasy satisfied vanity, isn’t it a sweet feeling? Sweetly.

It doesn’t matter, then that would be sad. Well, unless your environment does not happen such stories? When a clever and beautiful woman loses her head from a complete pettiness? It happens, more than sure. Therefore, the rural England of the 19th century by Thomas hardy did not outdated in our modern world of the 21st century, because a person can not become obsolete, nor can become obsolete and feelings. But all our life consists of compromises, not from the extremes. And in order to come to a strong and strong feeling, you need to eat more than one pood of salt. Himself. Indeed do, the most. Her Bathsheba Everdene, a beautiful and smart – you need to pass a very difficult way of understanding herself and what she really needed. That strong feeling does not occur by itself that it needs to work, that happiness sometimes you have to earn, by losses and errors. And to see a person, sometimes, it takes a lot of time. Is it lost? In the case of Batsheba-no. She was growing up.

She learned to understand what is responsible for their words and deeds. One ridiculous prank, one vulnerable self-esteem.

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