Under-the-Greenwood-Tree-or-The-Mellstock-Quire-by-Thomas-Hardy.Another pretty funny story about the inhabitants of the English hinterland of the middle of the XIX century with all their features and quirks. Can’t say you was hooked or charmed, but entertainment for the evening will get off. Most of all, you will be pleased with the author’s style, soaked in irony so much that in those places where it would be necessary to cry, wants almost in a voice. Green tree appeared only at the very end, until then it’s hard to know what such a name.

Relatively couple of the main characters feeling quite twofold: Richard Dewey but found it quite sweet and almost “room”, but in the future expects to be whipped, that does not coincide with my idea of a Real man; but his wife, on the contrary, should appreciate this transition as catfish promises to be if not wrong, then at least vixen from her must be come very plausible.

In contrast to the sufferings of Tess Durbeyfield the same author, fensi absolutely no worries that he agreed to marry a priest: well, think of it, said to celebrate, it happens to everyone! And here is from something hate.

It is ugly to behave like this with a future husband who is ready to turn the mountains for you. Anyway, to abuse the kindness of your neighbor as something ugly, but the young curly-haired person doesn’t think so. All the other characters for the most part the reader is not pleased, but amused by far. Especially grandparents, James and William.

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