intensity-dean-koontzThere is in networks one popular resource, where people tell anecdotes from life. In particular, one seller bookstore’s funny is telling us about the not-easy your work.

Come sometimes buyers are funny like that… Here is, for example, asked what any book moreover author, “who as king, only with the mustache.” Appeared, ask-Lee Koontz. This novel is a very high-quality psychological Thriller, with all the chilling advantages. In the story, a young girl, the cat, being away from his girlfriend, witnesses the brutal murder of an entire family and most friends.

The maniac decided to take “souvenir” from a crime scene: a body of the killed girl. He slowly loading it into the truck, where sneaks and survivors of the heroine. (What did she do? But the fact remains, she was there, and now there is no turning back). They come to the house of this terrible man, and the battle begins not for life, but for two lives: the main character and the captive maniac.

That to her he was carrying a gift the corpse of a friend. Throughout the book you’ll be-those convulsively hold their breath from each creak of the floorboard, with horror to hear the booming beating of the heart, which starts to just sometimes just roar, threatening to give your presence to this devil in the flesh and, extolling pain, fatigue and mental and physical exhaustion, to fight for life and freedom. As a respite, the author graciously permits you to turn away from excessive struggle and tells the biography of the killer and his philosophical views. So with renewed energy you could resist the devilish destructive forces.

The book was quite an international bestseller, it was even displayed. Therefore, as you understand, you will not see deep immersion in the subtleties of mental deviations and philosophy of madness there. There is a noticeable amount of cliches and illogical actions of the characters (would always logical and rational – the plot would have fallen apart on the vine). But these cliches didn’t bother, they’re harmonious look.

At the time of publication of the book and they were not. Even the word “shtam-PY”, probably, is not applicable here, let’s call them classical for this type of literature verbal and subject turns. Stamp – this is when the result turns out a third reading. Classic turnover – when receiving well-known long and well, and the result is still wonderful. Arrange a marathon for goosebumps, let them run. Slightly, but happy to ponervnichat – a great pastime for tired from Kant to Hegel intellectual. Relax, you will not help the heroes, you can only watch with taste.