servants-twilight-dean-koontzChristina Scavello, leaving his six year old son Joey in a store, faced with a crazy old woman who saw Joss the devil. And from that moment Christine and Joey, under the leadership of the most mad old lady – grace Spivey – haunted by religious fanatics, some followers of the Church of Twilight.


In fact, the plot of the whole book – family, Scavello runs away, and the fanatics are catching up, but sometimes very epic. Grace Spivey has psychic abilities, she correctly identifies the location of the family Scavello how far they would go.

But the devil whether joy? The author of this question is not directly responsible. All hints more. And even ending like laid out on shelves, rationally explained, but some hint left. After Kingovskoy stories, Twilight is the second appeal. And after “Opposition” so, in General, the very first. When you read, you realize that the idea is very good. And where have you seen these yet? Remember? Moreover, be sure to see such a film, while “Twilight”, as far as we all know, is not screened. Yeah … there’s a love line. Kristina seeks help from a private investigator who falls in love with her at first sight and stays with her until the very end. An interesting Thriller.

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