A-Pair-of-Blue-Eyes-by-Thomas-Hardy“A Pair of Blue Eyes” is one of the first novels by hardy, written before which brought him real fame “Far from the Madding crowd”. This is probably the only novel in which hardy uses so freely facts of their biography.

The main character of the novel, Elfriede, simply written off with Emma Gifford, whom hardy fell in love almost at first sight and which has already been engaged at the time of writing the novel, and soon they were married. At that time Emma was a red-haired beauty with blue eyes, a beautiful rider, as well as impulsive, impressionable, naive girl.

All these qualities were passed on to the main character of the novel, Elfride, and of course the name of the novel – “Blue eyes”. And that’s not all-so many of the circumstances of the romantic first meeting of hardy and Emma repeated in the novel, as well as accurately transferred problems, initially associated lovers, due to the difference in their social situation. Speaking of this period in the life of hardy is very interesting and written in detail in his Autobiography. Here the similarity ends, and the protagonist of the novel – it’s still not the hardy, that is, first it and like it, and then not.

Anyway, it soon turns out not to be the main character, and then completely disappears from view, but instead have the main character be new fans, there are new interesting plot moves and the action in the novel develops in very unexpected and interesting, and very far away from romance first chapters. But until the tragedy of his subsequent novels strong still far. So this novel is unique in its kind, as it is transitional from its early lyrical pastoral-romantic novels.

Here’s a novel, interesting and exciting, written in a wonderful language of Thomas hardy, with a unique plot and characters, impressive and memorable.

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