The-Return-of-the-Native-by-Thomas-HardyThirty years after Bronte’s sisters, the image of the English hinterland in literature has changed somewhat. And although the romance has not disappeared – the romance of moorland, Druidic sanctuaries and swollen storm heaven! but with Thomas hardy it often shows the evil inside out.

Even the terrible red man, wandering at night on the steppe, it turns out only a guard, kind and simple guy, pulling a wagon, impregnated with ochre. But over the Moors in the castle on the hill lives a girl with an arrogant name Eustace.

Eustace does not know that time Wuthering heights has died down. It is generally indifferent to the world outside their mansion, but because earnest plays Cathy Earnshaw and boredom creates for himself of Heathcliff from the fact that in the middle of nowhere came to hand. Is for her and Linton, and adventures, and inevitable tragedy, diffuse in the air before the storm. And on this background as-that especially to breathe freely from events and characters that are not tightened in a funnel arranged Eustacia drama. And even the ending, which is slightly ironic by the author.

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