twilight-eyes-by-dean-koontzWhat you may like – the atmosphere of the fair, a farce. The love story will appeal to all without exception. Sincere such. The main character reasoning on the part of the monsters is very interesting.


Dialogues are good, which has been repeatedly noted in the reviews. Replicas, intonation in dialogues are very individual for each character. And realistic in the framework of the created images. What else might like (and this is important) – the feeling of possibility. What is happening in the novel was set up only two options – a mystic or magnacet hero. But not on the transition to science fiction.

The dissonance between the main text, the mood of the novel, and explain what is happening very much even anything. As a result, the work as a mystic/horror is presented sympathetically, but as the NF in General at height. But you will not regret the time spent in any way.

Story intrigue touches and holds firmly, the dynamics on perform well. The pleasure of reading you get from the first pages. A very worthwhile book… Goblins – again. And the original explanation of everything via NF only enhances the novel as a mystical Thriller. The novel is good many individual items as a single product.

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