The-Mayor-of-Casterbridge-by-Thomas-HardyThe book is very brilliant writer adivise nice. Absolutely don’t expect from the author of such a profound elaboration of the motives of the characters, sometimes the reader wants to shout, as when reading Dreiser, well, keep silent, let everyone think. However, with the accumulation of Dreiser does not compare, of course, “reached”, that’s the secret to the bar.

And to disclose there is something. The main character is not the character – “the gift”. In his youth he was married. Wife does not seven spans in a forehead, but that’s not the reason. During drinking sold his wife for five guineas passing sailor, and then, overslept, gave the prophet not to drink. More than a dozen years lived alone, gradually knocked out in people, became the mayor of a small town.

Former wife died a sailor, and she with a grown daughter decided to return to the shiftless husband (that’s why, say I), who is not a tramp, a respected citizen and, moreover, rich. And our mayor, meanwhile, in his violent nature does not know restraint, approaches and separates to their own people, completely disregarding their wishes. It’s natural people, the more intelligent young men, like is not very. They even conceal on it evil, they even become to the mayor rivals both in business, and in love. And begins the struggle for a place under the sun in the scenery of the old rural England.

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