The-Woodlanders-by-Thomas-HardyGardy’s sympathy for his heroes can be easily recognized (in all his books, without exception) by the way they relate to the area in which they live. This book is an impassable forest, where little is lost – only a few houses – a village.

Positive characters know and love their forest, they are on the same wave, they hear the juices running in the branches in the spring and feel the ripeness nalivayka apples. They are simple and simple, but noble, pure in soul and ready to renounce for the sake of others.

The heroes of the negative plow in the wilderness, they hate these trees that cover their skies. They have unrestrained characters and rot inside, they are weak in front of their passions and selfish. And somewhere in the middle between these two extremes is grace. She loves the wood and is ready to artless country life, but the imposed gloss continues to languish her soul, she wants interesting conversations, accurate judgments, graceful gestures.

Gardy’s beautiful. Perhaps this book will become a favorite read of his, before she looks bright, despite all the tragedies that shake a small town, and boiling hot it. Together with grace reader goes a long way to understanding, that soulful purity more expensive any polished manners. Together with Giles, he learns complete self-denial in the name of true love. Together with Dr. Pitterson learns humility and finds a worthy willingness to bow to an offended person and to admit their mistakes. The excitement of the rebellious souls and their worthy purification in the crucible of suffering – that’s what this book is about.

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