The-Professor-by-Charlotte-BronteOne very intelligent and proud young man who graduated from Eton, decided to break with the aristocratic past and to do business. Went in the service to his cruel brother, and in humility he bore all his humiliation. While on his way was not the adversary.

The first Chapter of the novel the reader enjoys the style, language, understanding what he reads to the master. Hence the high rating of the novel. At the same time, the reader does not like the protagonist, who depicted the first part of the novel as a proud but modest Martyr. And then it’s over! – and long pages of self-esteem: he is beautiful. The creation of an ugly person, to such did not become.

They are all stupid, clumsy, talentless. But the students of the girls ‘ school draft walking disgust. The male teacher notices all the vile and offensive little things in the appearance of the girls. It seems that here is the voice of the offended woman, maybe the author himself. This is surprising, given the mark in the annotation that the novel ” easily guessed biography of the writer.” The pleasure of reading is not lost. It didn’t disappear even when the subject line became absolutely transparent.

Virtue triumphs, deceit punished, the lovers find happiness, lovers, children. Yes, and, of course, get rid of poverty and thrive. But the way the pupil turned out to be nice and pleasant. You are sincerely happy for Mrs. Henri, for the fact that all her dreams come true. Especially you’ll love her cute habit of calling dearly beloved husband “monsieur”, as his teacher. Very interesting the.

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