The-Tess-of-the-Durbervilles-by-Thomas-HardyWhat distinguishes classic from just old books? Not all the literature of the 19th century to refer to the classics? So there must be something in the book that’s important to us here and now. It says it all about Thomas hardy, of course he is considered a classic of English literature, and “Tess of the d’urbervilles online” – a classic among the books of Gardi.

If you put on a shelf and not blow away dust – it could be a classic. If to read now, then can be and Yes.

The social issues raised by Gardy in the book are interesting, especially for those who are interested in the meantime. Conflict towns and villages, the absorption and displacement of city rural residents, the decline of the once noble families, the impoverishment of the peasantry, the hard life of the laborers and seasonal batrack interesting. What remains is that there remain people and their relationship, something that comes to the fore in any truly immortal work.

And here is obtained a strange thing-author’s attitude to the three main characters of the novel diametrically opposite to the reader’s attitude that arose two hundred years later. Tess, the cross Martyr, the victim of the circumstances and mores of his time, looks like a hysterical foolish murderer, a rebellious and self-seeking angel Claire (not just named by the author “clear angel”) to become a hypocrite, a Pharisee and a disgusting hypocrite, and only the libertine Alec d’erberville retains some

Yes, Tess is absolutely not to blame for the violence committed against a young girl and an adult villain. Yes, she was able to survive the loss of the child. But she survived. To fall into the clutches of an even more brutal scoundrel. Who is the greater villain – the one who cut off the tail of the dog or who the dog, something like zalizovsky wounds, cherished, tamed, and then finding that her tail no more exposed to the frost, because he thought it would be a good dog and a tailless him to anything? Although sobachkina fault, no guilt Tess.

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