door-december-dean-koontzThose familiar with the works of Dean Koontz, you know and the manner of its style and the intense story. But, reading it, each time you get a charge of something new, mysterious. In short, he has no repetitions in the genre. So in this book. Wonderful mystical detective, read in one breath. Not protracted (as often happens in the works of the author), and in this regard – even more addictive.


And the plot is not spoiled by anything. Psychological experiments are quite common in our time. But psychological and mental experiments associated with occult – a rarity.

The book tells just about such of them. A fanatical psychologist, a talented scientist who has received many grants for research in psychology and psychiatry, suddenly, one day, becomes obsessed with the theory of astral and psychonautics.

Note: force field (from the Greek “soul/spirit/mind”) and the Greek. (“seafarer / Navigator”) — “mind/soul Navigator” — the term refers to a methodology for describing and explaining the subjective effects of altered States of consciousness, including those caused by psychoactive substances, and to a paradigm for researching situations in which a researcher voluntarily dives himself into a altered state using similar techniques in order to study human experience and existence.

Naturally, he stops at nothing and uses in various experiments my 9 year old daughter Melanie. The experiment is not, as is usual. After all suddenly “Something” is beginning to kill all his participants. The book is great for anyone.

And even more – author’s afterword. It is always pleasant to hear the words of the author about the work. Moreover, in such an interesting explanation.

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