Shirley-by-Charlotte-BronteThe novel was written by a very young Charlotte Bronte immediately after the “Jen air” in a very difficult time for her. The death of the middle sister Emily, and a disease of the younger sister Ann left an imprint on the content of the work. Taking as a prototype the middle sister, Charlotte tried to develop the theme, to introduce what would have been Emily in the future, if alive, and, thereby, to breathe in her new life, preserving it forever for myself and readers.

Worthy monument to the author of the best novel about love of all time, which is “Storm pass”. Despite the occasional pretense of Charlotte (which, however, is not due to excessive stupidity, and excessive idealization associated with the properties of the individual and development in an isolated environment – Bronte sisters generally lived very alone). It’s strange that Emily’s image was deliberately invented, even in detail.

In the work there are multiple confirmations, which are very organically combined with ideas about the person who wrote the “Storm pass”. Worth much, for example, only one contacting Shirley to herself in the third person. It seems that this has been the case in real life.

By the way Charlotte insistently in “Sherley ” makes a philanthropist sister – it is easy to assume that Emily hated people. Shirley here we have a fun, relaxed, quite modest – not proud of their status, wealth and origin – that is, if we want to imagine the real Emily (of which we are so little, alas, you know), it is necessary to perceive images created by Charlotte, exactly the opposite. It is clear that the author went this way trusting the memory and kindness of a sister, a heavy loss, but, at the moment, the way Emily does not lose, even if you perceive it as a prototype of the antipode. And Shirley the dog was called a Barbarian.

Crazy, crazy, full of yourself girl, misanthrope – the woman of mystery is much more sensitive to treat it is to this Emily. And something important, something fundamental to this Charlotte was able to convey with all its more corny idealization of his sister.

Closer to the final, the author of “sherley” was in a semantic impasse – she after all chose the sister of the peasant herself, to her liking and, as it were now, to slip his sister more sexually, so that everyone was happy, including readers. And the little man does not fit as a subordinate process to the personality of Shirley, not to mention the relationship with the alleged husband. But it was time to call it a day, because the affair happened in the end is twice as thick as “Jane Eyre”.

By the way, because of this, it is much less readable and exists only for established fans of the author. Eventually Charlotte found out, pretty nifty, although the standard is written from the person of another hero. The very words that supposedly came from the notebook of the right person, gave the author the right direction and were able to convince readers of the reality of what is happening. And most importantly-the very themselves. All this once again proves her sincere love for Emily. However, the proof is the whole book. And love, not for the memory of Swisscontact sister.

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