Emma-Brown-by-Charlotte-Bronte-and-Clare-Boylan“Emma Brown” a very good roman, based on real events and no more. But he can’t not like it, because it is the work of a master, read with enthusiasm and with great interest. The book is honest in the sense in which the author herself admits his own passion for credibility.

Gaskell’s subjectivity is more than justified, and she really loved Charlotte. And she answered her affection as much as do two of the egoist can to love each other in the distance. Distance rendered a good service to their relationships, as well as the brevity of their friendship. They were familiar a few years, and seen a few too many times. But this weighty work in itself proves that, although Charlotte Bronte was far from Gaskell ideologically, a certain component of them still brought together. And it does not necessarily belong to one gender and a certain rationality both writers. If you understand what Gaskell is that it becomes clear a misunderstanding and they do not seem false. It is about a certain cleanliness, which allows not to dig into someone else’s underwear, especially if we are talking about leisure gossips and rumors.

In General, a biography of the Bronte family (as a whole) and Charlotte Bronte (in particular) tragic and terrible. It feels as if you have visited the crypt, well, they all these years beside the cemetery, and lived. It is clear that the standard of living in that time and in that place was even less than 30 years that the family of the priest is something special, and Charlotte herself was not of this world, in principle. But the painful impression, despite Gaskell’s paradoxical optimism, leaves an indelible mark. But here precisely the case, when beauty is born in throes of.

The way Charlotte does not lose when reading this work, gathering many details of her life, and the novel Gaskell is very well built – it is not cluttered with other people’s interpretations and thoughts. Text messages only unilateral, owned by the Charlotte, which is very reasonable. Of course, the element of personality Gaskell is present everywhere, but he is very unobtrusive, at least so it seems. What is the paradox of Charlotte Bronte herself? Time, environment and life circumstances made of it is not what was originally intended by nature. The liveliness of mind and heartfelt approach could not hide neither her works, nor letters, nor the mention of Gaskell. All of this was there are hanged the chains of morality, suffering and apparent modesty. Glaring the ability to analyze the letters reflected a fighter for any beliefs, seemingly Charlotte right (in real life her to compete and failed). She looks honest, even with age, retaining a child looking at things, nepriemyshi semitones.

As for Charlotte’s good attitude towards other authors, it can even be properly classified. The indisputable priority of her are male compatriots, then women inozemni, women – women, and finally everyone else. However, all of this not so significantly, especially for those who have read all its art, for do this can be was only on a real love. Work Gaskell, of course, for the fans of Charlotte.