strangers-dean-koontzThis book has a gorgeous abstract. Very chic. Unfamiliar people, similar nightmares, and even in the scenery of Nevada-you fall in love with the book before reading.


The first half of the book the reader learns a lot of scenes from the lives of various characters did to each other are not related. And in scenes you learn better heroes.

The hero had a nightmare that the other character is afraid of the dark, the third one in a panic, takes off at the sight of black gloves. Here the author again returns to the first character, and you want to know what happened to him there happened, moves the action, but instead you get a description of another nightmare. Okay, you think you may be, something has changed on another character, it is necessary to promote action. But no, the other character was still afraid of the dark, only in other decorations, and the third experiencing another panic attack, only this time at the sight of something else. Then the author comes to the third round, then on the fourth, and when finally the plot moving and the story lines slowly begin to approach each other, you wonder, really wonder, because not even looking forward to it. And how diligent the author is trying to catch up voltage – a separate song. “Maybe if the phone rang a little earlier, many people would still be alive,” “then he did not know that he would soon regret his words,” and all that. And this endless ” Moon!”Yes, we understand that the whole idea somehow tied to the moon, enough already! All these pressure must be justified by something global, large-scale. So, to read – and went to pick up jaw from the floor.

But there will be no such thing, no, all this global meaning that unites the heroes will simply dissolve in the endless chewing of their life. His brief but succinct descriptions of the nature of this state will be very pleasant to the reader. Can still like what was in the final, although a series of literary events is, of course, notable. These thick, detailed descriptions of everyday life of each of the characters in the first half of the book can be interesting only if you describe them will be a truly talented author, and Dean Koonz is just such a genius interior. He pushed him all the best, forced to savor each page, each sheet of the hero or the contents of her handbag heroine.

And how would he have described long-term family relationship…

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