The-Rajah’s-Diamond-by-Robert-Louis-Stevenson.Dear reader, before you is a series of adventures of Prince Bohemia Florizel, who Stevenson proudly called “new Arab nights”, including two collections of stories, United by one actor. It is not necessary to look in the book of excessively interesting story, as Stevenson is still young and in the behavior of the characters there is a constant chaos, which is not so easy to understand.

Why he’s a Prince, why Bohemia, where it all eventually go? Leaving the protagonist only in the status of an aristocrat with money, not available any lands and rights. Perhaps Stevenson was not too much about it for the reason that this all should be known.

It is necessary to be the perfect madman cooled to life for 100% to decide to take part in such adventures. Certainly not the charity’s sake and not to maintain the appearance of all the distinguished people in the “New Arabian nights” is to kill another evening, and maybe not only night, but anyone else, while remaining unpunished.

It would seem that the plot of the “suicide Club” should tickle the nerves, pumping the atmosphere, or contain a certain element of the detective, in which the reader will participate. Indeed, it is interesting for teenagers to get acquainted with the extravagant behavior of the main characters who seek to burn through life without worrying about the proper morality of their actions. It’s very, very interesting.

The coup story is happening almost in the beginning, when, instead of accepting the inevitable, the main character decides to show their resourcefulness. Honestly, after such an interest in the book faded immediately, exposing all the further adventures of Florizel in the darkest light.

Stevenson’s work is loved by many thanks to the warm children’s memories, easily destroyed by repeated acquaintance: where he had not thought about the validity of the events, now only thinking about the illogical nature of each act of the protagonist, floating on the waves, not trying to understand the need for their own existence. You just have to follow the imagination of Robert Louis Stevenson and not to retreat to the side, otherwise you can be falling into the abyss. I do not want to admit to myself that many favorite writer of childhood left behind only two worthy references to the work. However, the way it is.

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