The-Battle-of-the-Books-by-Jonathan-Swift.This book miraculously penetrates and there is the spirit of every warrior, as long as he lives, and after the death of his soul there moves and inspires them. That is, at least, the common perception that libraries are similar to other cemeteries, where, according to other philosophers, a spirit, whom they call, hovers over the monument up to that time, as long as the body is not decomposed nor turn to dust or become the prey of worms, after which it disappears or breaks.

Similarly, we can say that the restless spirit lives in every book, as long as it does not become dust or worms do not possess it, which happens to some in a few days, and with others later; and since the most impudent spirits live in polemic books, they are usually enclosed in a special dwelling, separate from the rest, and, fearing their internecine matchmaker, our ancestors for peacekeeping prudently decided to chain them with iron chains.

This method was invented on the following occasion. When the creations of dunsa Cattle first came out, they were taken to a large library, where they were taken to a special room; but barely only this author settled there, as he went to visit his teacher Aristotle, and they both conspired to seize Plato by force and steal him from an ancient place among theologians, where he peacefully lived for almost eight hundred years. Their attempt was successful, and the two invaders reigned since then; but at the same time, in order to maintain peace and order in the future, it was established that all large-format polemists should be contained on the chain.

Thanks to this precaution, the libraries could, of course, maintain peace if there were no special kinds of polemic books in recent years, filled with the extremely malevolent spirit of the above-mentioned war between the learned men for a more elevated peak of Parnassus.

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