A-Tale-of-a-Tub-by-Jonathan-SwiftWhat happens in the book that it was banned by the clergy? Well, you think that in the end was submitted in improper form the image of Jesus as a crazy masochist, well, you think that a large place is given to the description is not very good sect of Eristov, which, according to Google, never existed.

Though if to dig more on the topic of religion, it is necessary to turn to Mr. Levidow Mikhail, wrote a book about feelings and analysis of the works of Mr. swift’s – after reading a few paragraphs, explain some issues.

However, at the subsequent reading of it, it will already be other review… As the author has repeatedly written, his task was to provide readers with food for thought for life. But the reader is truly enlightened, for the sake of which mostly awake when others sleep, and sleep when others are awake, will find enough material here for the rest of my life. And indeed-there is something to think about. This is an allegory from beginning to end is one big symbolism! Each character must be seated and disassembled.

How would it not sound funny, but even the analysis of characters was mentioned in the book-parable, when the brothers sat on the father’s will, and was trying to find, say, a “wedge” in order for them to grasp, and to act contrary to the will of the father. Of course, there is another situation, but something reminds me? Book on his satire reminiscent of “the adventures of Gulliver”, but here it is more open. Mocking religion, society, modern (by the standards of swift) and the art, in particular on the writing that it affects almost every Chapter, it becomes relevant even after almost three centuries. Read very hard, just crazy, but if diligently to Wade through all these thorns, especially who are in the beginning, you will definitely get a reward. Not for nothing to” literary Everest ” carried this book-it is worth it.

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