Wild-From-Lost-to-Found-on-the-Pacific-Crest-Trail«Wild: From Lost to Found on the Pacific Crest Trail» – book based on a true story, the heavy, deep, it is very motivating. There will not be a picnic in nature, meditation on a background of sunrise or sunset, and other things that can be presented on the basis of the name, and is only a harsh reality: unhealed blisters on their feet, a huge bruise almost throughout the body and endless pain.

This story is about so many and important things: the relationship between mother and daughter, the complexities of life, about how easy it is to get off the right path and how difficult it is to stand on his back.

The main heroine Cheryl Strayed loses his mother and with great difficulty, lives on. Trying to drown his pain, she begins to take heroin is promiscuity, just destroys his life, loses himself present. Realizing that this can not go on, Cheryl decides to return to her former self, the one that brought her mother. So begins her way from Pacific Ridge.

«Wild: From Lost to Found on the Pacific Crest Trail» – a great book that really inspires. Reading, like Cheryl overcomes kilometer after kilometer, copes with all its pain, both physical and mental, it is becoming every day more and does not give up, you know, what the hell, all can be corrected, we can change for the better or just to forgive themselves. Do not forget that the book is based on real events that definitely inspires even more.


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