A-Hat-Full-of-Sky-Terry-Pratchett And again the beloved Terry Pratchett and his book “A Hat Full of Sky”, in which we encounter so loved the girl with the Chalk hills of the Discworld – Tiffany Aching. And again the book is rather good and instructive than philosophical or funny. Striking way Pratchett writes for children and writes the correct things but manages to do without morality or morals, and it’s obvious what I usually call talent.


Tiffany is thirteen, she left home in order to learn how to cast spells. The study, however, strange: either you magic wands, no potions, no magic. To cut the nails a lonely old man – is this magic (although here it would be very useful)?! Yes, and in addition it turned out that to learn how to do something – that’s half the trouble. It is much harder to learn not to do it. For example, to learn not to turn people into frogs, even if you really want.

There are still frightened of the monster. The Nac Mac Feegle again bring pleasure is an insanely funny people.

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