Monstrous-Regiment-Terry-PratchettAnd again sir Terry Pratchett took a little piece of reality and moved it in a Discworld in his book “Monstrous Regiment”. But is it possible to call a war a little piece of reality? As Einstein said, everything is relative. So the war for someone just echo something dreadful and terrible, and for some, it is presented in all its terrible splendor.

Pratchett shows this war without embellishment. No, native Pretchistensky humor still has a place, but not in such numbers as in the other books. But the humor in this book is not appropriate. War, even fictional – not a joking matter. And yet religion, the stupidity of the rulers and… women. Women who while what to ourselves unknown reasons, left their homes and went into the army. It seems like they moved the popular idea of “For the Motherland!”, but only closer to the final reveal of the heroine and discover the true motives.

For someone serving in the army for the good of the Fatherland becomes the only way to escape from the hardships of life in the shelter, someone is looking for their loved ones, who went to war, someone is trying to prove that women can do the same as men. But in the end all come to a decision to stop the war, which by definition stupid and pointless.

What a gorgeous heroine got Pratchett! Especially monsters. Jasper is a Troll, which can count to “a lot” and expresses her feelings by shooting stones into the eyes of any Troll. Vampire Maledict that sober, doesn’t drink blood, but it brews excellent coffee. Ah, Yes, he is crazy, when its reserves are gone. And, of course, in the end also turns out to be a lady. Like most of the ruling elite Borogravia army. That was a surprise, but at the same time predictable.

And yet Pratchett is Borogravia is a small, but extremely proud country in the mountains of the Flat world. Anything from Borogravia no, but pride, abnormal God-hysteric, constantly declaring everything an abomination to him, and the Duchess, which has not been seen for seventy years or so. Apparently all this together and makes the people Borogravia constantly fight with their neighbors, because to really do it and nothing. But it was exactly to the moment until the local women decided to take fate by the tail and giving it a good punch. For socks, of course. Down with stereotypes! says sir Terry. Amen! – women say Borogravia.


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