When-the-World-ScreamedAlways interesting to read old science or pseudo-science fiction. In the book “When the World Screamed” Professor Challenger is still brilliant.

This time the Professor put forward a very extravagant idea: that the earth is a living being, the sensitive part of which is hidden by a hard shell of the earth’s crust, like a sea urchin.

Here is flies such “hedgehog” in space and feeds on ether, and we, people, parasite on its surface without his knowledge. And here, in his mad genius Professor for a challenge decided to say “hedgehog” about yourself. If you have an idea then it must be realized, and in complete secrecy. The main thing is no woman didn’t know because “he knows a woman knows the world.” Well and without throwing out journalists it too anywhere. Challenger without explosive character as Santa without beard.

Given that the existence of the earth’s core at that time it was already known quite a lot, you realize that the whole idea of this book is the fruit of pure imagination of the Doyle.

Here’s a he was the inventor who created the world’s most famous detective.

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