The-Valley-of-Fear-by-Arthur-Conan-DoyleSherlock Holmes no wonder it has become a classic detective. The story of Conan Doyle about him is permeated and saturated with the English perception of the world, a national character, which was then particularly manifested in the conversations of gentlemen, thinking and in their manners.

In addition, in each of these representatives of the detective genre can not do without a good, detailed outlined puzzle, difficult for ordinary minds, threads of history, tangled ball leading to the center of the crime or mystery.

The story ” Valley of fear ” in the construction is similar to “A Study in Scarlet”. Begins the story from afar, then Mr. Holmes with Dr. Watson go to the place mysterious crimes to collect evidence and not to get involved in the overall picture of the details, which should lead to the criminal. This time it is an old manor where there was a bloody murder which threads stretch from the past.

The second part of the story is talking about the place where it all began for the victim – the Valley of fear, which is located in the most “free” country in the world, as I love to talk to Americans (at least at that time, and last century too). From this freedom, the people of the Valley live day and night in fear, and perhaps all their lives, like Mr. Douglas, whose past is horrifying and striking at the same time with its unexpected twist.

In fact, not all beliefs are good, not all people are good, but Sherlock clearly and still is a gentleman of sharp mind and remains a favorite detective consultant.

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