Twenty-Years-After-Alexander-DumasDashing musketeer story got a sequel 20 years later. And, as it mostly happens, the sequel worse than the first part. And it’s not that the second part brings a touch of everyday frustration. The characters here have a specific, mundane and shallow targets: the failed career of d’Artagnan, the dubious achievements of his friends. Eventually we all get old, all disappointed, rather important hidden in the idea of the work.

If “The Three Musketeers” is a textbook of life, a manual for beginners, anthem sound of youth, the “20 years later” this work is more historical. Of course we applause greeted the aged heroes as old friends, just as they appear on the scene, we are pleased to see them simply because, even if they haven’t said anything yet and did not.

Battalion four. Dumas kept this quality and, moreover, it is fundamental, for it freed the hands of the Musketeers, did them to the extreme self-confident, looking at the little people down. This is especially valuable for the reader of such like – everyone wants to be a superhero at least mentally.

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