The-Queens-Necklace-Alexandre-DumasWhat is the beauty of book The Queen’s Necklace! And what a master of words Alexandre Dumas. He knows how to make a thick historical novel not boring. The real Palace intrigues are ready to compete with their cunning twists and turns of the plot of any fantasy book.

Of course, the author left something on the level witticism or a good story, but as a Foundation, then went to the actual events.

So, ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the Louvre, to the court of the French king Charles IX. Yes, we celebrate here the wedding of gorgeous Margaret and king Henry of Navarre. No surprise that both spouses have lovers, and they want to spend the wedding night with them. However, the young couple manage to reach an agreement to be good allies.

Margarita was not a model of chastity, but surprisingly kind, rejected and betrayed. She had notions of loyalty, and after marriage she took her husband in spite of his Royal family. In fact she had her personal motives to become a queen, however compare to the other members of the Royal family, she looked to the standard of nobility.

The wedding is over, and it seems that between Catholics and Huguenots came the reconciliation. But the treachery of Catherine de Medici knew no bounds, and instead of a happy peace came the massacre of St. Bartholomew. Catholics slaughtered all Huguenots. By morning, the streets of Paris were covered with blood, managed to save units. One of the lucky survivors was a young nobleman de La Mole, which is his salvation found in the chambers of Marguerite.

The Queen of Navarre hid the wounded man in his office, and later helped to save her husband, Henry, whose bloody night waiting for the same fate as all the Huguenots. King Henry of Navarre in spite of all the intrigues of his high-ranking enemies with amazing luck, escaped death.

The Queen mother Catherine with all his heart hated son-in-law, because he was prophesied to take the throne of France. In her opinion it must belong to her sons. She repeatedly came up with complex plots, accused Henry of treason and the death wish of the French king than extreme irritated Charles IX. He loved the king of Navarre as a brother, believed in his innocence and wanted to see him as his successor. But there was all differently, and maybe that’s the beauty of real history: she never folds in all the benefit Goodies.

You can talk about the book for a long time. Discuss it.  Say that, in fact, the Royal family is a nest of vipers. Ask how a mother can sacrifice one son for the sake of power for another. We can be shocked how unlucky two young nobles are because of their love for Palace intrigues. And surprised with the fact that sometimes kings have to act basely for the sake of the honor of the crown.

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