The-Man-in-the-Iron-Mask-Alexandre-DumasThis book is about the time when the honor and dignity meant something. When love fought and fought. When a friend would die for his friend. Both terrible and such a beautiful time, with knowledge of the case told us Alexander Dumas.

It’s a nonfiction novel, a tale or story, it’s a whole scientific study. Are different versions of who could be imprisoned in an iron mask. Substantial part of the work consists of extracts from the writings of other historians.

Next, Dumas presents his version. So who was it, the notorious prisoner in the iron mask? And what only versions were not?! Wrote that this is the son of Anne of Austria, half-brother or twin-brother of Louis XIV. Thought it expelled the Armenian Patriarch, the cruel persecutor of the Catholics. Was the version that this is the son of Oliver Cromwell or even a woman!

Read the book and draw your own conclusions!

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