The-Wendigo-by-Algernon-BlackwoodIn the Preface to The Wendigo all so wonderfully laid out on shelves, what a pleasure to look at. Definitely worth a read and admire the symbolism and layered meanings, but it is better after reading the collection.

It’s not just any mystical stories and the stories of encounters with extraordinary powers from the other side, based on personal experience of the writer, purchased by the secret society the Golden dawn.

The main character of many stories John silence, he’s an occult detective, a person with unusual and powerful abilities. He doesn’t need armor, because the Silence is already the spiritual armor that nothing can get through some dark forces. The silence, no doubt, reached the stage of enlightenment and knowledge, when he no longer needed the magical protective circle, this circle already in some way imprinted on the skin. Himself a one-man barrier. His frightened customers, the silence is also trying to instill self-confidence and their underlying forces, but it turns out, of course, not always. Where are they, the little people, to followers. Moreover, it is often unbridled fear and wandering thoughts can unleash evil forces and aiming to guide them defenseless in the abdomen of the victim.

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