The-Centaur-by-Algernon-BlackwoodThe Сentaur is a work insanely bright, atmospheric and emotionally rich. Slow and somewhat “stringy”. Naive on the one hand, but so close, cuts to the quick.

Idealist and dreamer O’malley finds its place and meaning in a world in which he lives. Isolation from human kind, the inability to find someone who would speak in his language, makes him desperately lonely. He does not understand or accept human greed, hypocrisy, lust, greed and the desire for hoarding.

His spirit is drawn to simplicity, nature and the Earth. It is important to the development of the soul, and not the greed for unnecessary things and other tangible assets. Everything from insects to stars, everything is part of the Earth, the Universe, the fragment of the World soul and the part of the General consciousness.

O’malley, having found his Paradise, longs to share the truth with people, to help to feel unity with the world, to reveal to them the beauty, to escape from the cells and convey the reality of all the colours of the inner life. And failing. But he continues to believe. And believe to the end.

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