Tales-of-Terror-and-Mystery-Arthur-Conan-DoyleSir Arthur Conan Doyle, the greatest English writer, thinker, publicist, doctor of medicine and doctor of law, is known all over the world as the unsurpassed master of detective and adventure genres.

However, a huge reservoir of his literary legacy consists of stories have not entered in one of the official cycles: historical, detective, adventure, science-fiction, stories about love, cunning Scam, amazing coincidences, nautical misadventures… There are those that mix a variety of themes and genres. Each such story is a small masterpiece, not inferior to the most famous works of the master.

“Tales of Terror and Mystery” book contains twelve short stories – six under the section titled tales of terror and six under mystery.


Tales of Terror

Tales of Mystery

  • The Horror of the Heights
  • The Leather Funnel
  • The New Catacomb
  • The Case of Lady Sannox
  • The Terror of Blue John Gap
  • The Brazilian Cat
  • The Lost Special
  • The Beetle-Hunter
  • The Man with the Watches
  • The Japanned Box
  • The Black Doctor
  • The Jew’s Breastplate
  • The Nightmare Room

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