The-Doings-of-Raffles-Haw-by-Arthur-Conan-DoyleNikola Tesla not in vain destroyed his archive. He did it, because to many discoveries and revelations humanity was not yet ready. Was not ready to understand, accept, and wisely and rationally applied.

Raffles Haw should probably keep his discovery a secret, too. And in time to destroy everything that one way or another would explain its essence and ways of its implementation. Because too much was at stake. Too much human.

There are things that are dangerous to trust humanity – as a child is dangerous to give up boxes of matches – because it is fraught with catastrophic consequences.

How quickly a person can change in the face and in the shower. To do this, not so much: only the faint glitter of tempting prospects to have much more than he has at the moment. In light of this prospect, a person, as a plant in the process of photosynthesis, acquires new qualities that until recently were unknown to him and alien. Seeing this twinkling light on the horizon, Laura, Robert and their father began to turn into a completely different creatures that over time more and more irretrievably lost resemblance to its original appearance.

Raffles Haw, too, brief remained former. The burden of genius, under certain conditions, can prove to be too heavy a burden and quickly crush its “carrier”. Especially if he does not have the proper wisdom, shrewdness and quickness to guide not only useful, but safe for yourself and others on track.

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