The Land of Mists by Arthur Conan Doyle

The-Land-of-Mists-by-Arthur-Conan-DoyleThe book “The Land of Mists” opens up to us the unusual interests of sir Arthur. This novel is about spiritualism, with which Conan Doyle was well acquainted, which he studied and in the objectivity of phenomena which he, people with natural science education, believe.

“The Land of Mists” can be seen as a continuation of the adventures of Professor Challenger and his friends. However before there was fiction, and now — mysticism.

Young journalists, Melone and the daughter of Professor Enid Challenger, in order to write a series of articles familiar with the teachings of spiritualists and gradually become more and more imbued with his ideas, get irrefutable evidence, become his supporters.

Perhaps, Conan-Doyle conveyed their young leadership their own doubts about spiritualism, through their path tells about his experience, about how he got interested in these phenomenon, that learned, what explanations found.

Of course, he acts in defense of spiritualism. Not by accident that the narrative is the name of the author, and not Malone, as it was earlier in this series. The author conducts dialogue with readers, with society, seeking to prove that spiritualism is not fiction.

Reviews of this book fall into “satisfactory” and “weak”, “remained indifferent”and “liked”.

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