The-Land-of-Mists-by-Arthur-Conan-DoyleThe book “The Land of Mists” opens up to us the unusual interests of sir Arthur. This novel is about spiritualism, the topic Conan Doyle was quite familiar with.  The phenomena that he studied and he believed in as a person with natural science education. Sir Arthur wrote this book experiencing deep depression induced by loss of his close relatives.

At  first glance “The Land of Mists” is another novel about Professor Challenger and his friends. However,  the previous ones were entirely  fictional, and this — mysticism.

Young journalists, Melone and the daughter of Professor Enid Challenger, witnessed unexplained events and gradually became more and more imbued with ideas of spiritualism. They made a difficult decision to share their experience with the rest of the world but unexpectedly faced with Professor’s resistance.

Perhaps, in this novel, Conan-Doyle gave his characters their own unique traits and attitudes. But, in general, their story explains the author’s experience – how he got interested in this phenomena, what he had learnt, and proofs had found.

Of course, Conan-Doyle defends spiritualism. In this novel story told by the author, not Malone, as it used to be in these series. The author tries to provoke discussion with readers, with society, seeking proofs that spiritualism is not a fiction.

Reviews of this book fall into “satisfactory” and “weak”, “remained indifferent”and “liked”.

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