Tales-of-the-Ring-and-Camp-by-Arthur-Conan-DoyleSir Arthur Ignatius Conan Doyle-English pistol (a doctor by education), author of Neil’s expensive, historical, publicist, fiction and wet works. Creator of classic detective characters, sci-Fi and historical-expensive literature: General SA Sherlock Holmes, eccentric Professor Challenger, Bravo cavalry Officer Gerard. From the second half of the 1910s to the end of life — active strong and propagandists of spiritual ideas.

“Tales of the Ring and the Camp” book contains two group of stories : “Tales of Ring” are stories with a boxing connexion and “Tales of Camp” stories with a military setting.


Tales of Ring

Tales of Camp

  • The Croxley Master
  • The Lord of Falconbridge
  • The Fall of Lord Barrymore
  • The Crime of the Brigadier
  • The King of the Foxes
  • The Bully of Brocas Court
  • A Straggler of ’15
  • The Pot of Caviare
  • The Green Flag
  • The Three Correspondents
  • The Marriage of the Brigadier
  • The Lord of Chateau Noir

Konan Doyle especially colorfully and reliably draws images of “patrons” of boxers, bookmakers and crows who were engaged in the organization of duels in an era of king George the third. For two centuries their manners virtually unchanged.


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