captain-sharkey-arthur-conan-doyleThe book “The Dealings of Captain Sharkey and Other Tales of Pirates” is a set of stories about pirates. Well, not about pirates, and only one, but very terrible – for captain Sharkey.

As it turned out, these stories of captain Sharkey from Conan Doyle quite a lot. Was in some way a series of stories about this character, like the world-famous Saga of Sherlock Holmes.

Sharkey is a bloodthirsty pirate who has nothing to do with the noble prototype of captain blood (Rafael Sabbatini). Conan Doyle himself does not like his hero, but manages to write about him again and again.

The story begins with the notorious bloodthirsty pirate captain Sharkey finally caught, and he is waiting for the gallows; and all this against the background of the departure of the Governor of St. Kitt…


Tales of Pirates

  • Captain Sharkey: How the Governor of Saint Kitt’s Came Home
  • The Dealings of Captain Sharkey with Stephen Craddock
  • The Blighting of Sharkey
  • How Copley Banks Slew Captain Sharkey
  • The “Slapping Sal”
  • A Pirate of the Land – One Crowded Hour

Tales of Blue Water

  • The Striped Chest
  • The Captain of the “Polestar”
  • The Fiend of the Cooperage
  • Jelland’s Voyage
  • J Habakuk Jephson’s Statement
  • That Little Square Box

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