watchers-by-dean-koontzAccording to “Watchers” the scientific USA has brought the ingenious animals intended for military intelligence activities, at the same time also the Soviet Union was engaged in it… Americans experimented over dogs and monkeys, but who were developed by Councils? It is obvious that cats are most suitable for espionage, and saber-toothed popugaychik, will become unsurpassed killers whose work won’t leave living witnesses, and not the sklyunutykh of proofs… All know that dolphins, without the assistance of any scientists, on perfidious nature, the cynical murderers and tyrants only waiting when it is possible to terrorize mankind on the land. And hedgehogs can appear not subjects, than seem. Be vigilant! Look narrowly at pets.


Yes, all of them lovely and amusing, but here yours personally… whether not too he is clever and bright (and I am charming)? . Of course, Cold War is ended, but you just in case, don’t take pets with yourself on top secret corporate meetings, install passwords on the equipment, and, above all, hide from them yum-yum. Protect the cookies! BUT!

The book not about it. The American experiments with animals have turned out a complete fiasco, everything has gone it’s a waste (very ha), the laboratory has burned down, scientists were interrupted, animals have run up. This story about one very good run-away dog. The good dog not only will cure of a depression, will save to the person life, but also will find to him couple, will marry and will be the guardian angel for all family. Because, the pack can’t consist their one, and the more your pack, the more cheerfully. Dogs, as we know, love – love-love people. And at a good dog and the correct training, even absolutely the wreckage can find happiness (but not rest). And by the way, all this time, a dog will look devilishly lovely.

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