Prison-of-Ice-by-Dean-KoontzThe indisputable advantage is the alignment of characters. Koontz gives an idea about each, and how difficult it is to isolate from the presented characters the main villain. Unless you happen to guess.


The villain is just another touch of danger situation. In one expedition suddenly be a minimum of two professional athletes. Football star and skier. If you think about it-fairy-tale characters turned out at Koontz. In the sense that unrealistic.

Entourage – it’s just a good book. The ice is beautiful, disturbing and very dangerous. But it raises serious doubts about the penetration of the Arctic expedition crazy. After all, it’s not the first comer. And professional growth high should be, here not until maniacs, and selection in such groups with psychologists should be fought, with tests on compatibility – all -??? big timeline in a vicious collective. And situational, that’s it in this story situation. The murderer, lurked for months, not a single accident is not staged, and at a time when all and so will soon die in the icy storm, to kill me? This is no maniac. It is a fool.

However, the psycho-killer in the novel is not important. The novel is just about the deadly situation and the operation of saving people from the iceberg. Save Russians. About our submariners can read different funny propagandistico information.

Here on page novel indicated 1976 year. This is not so. The original story was in 1976, but in 1994 Koonz reworked the story into a novel and there changed, according to current realities. That is, the USSR is gone, democracy in Russia. And then you read a book supposedly 1976, and they wonder why there is no more communism

And as already tired of the eternal cliche about the reflectors heroes… Not one, so the other, not the other, so the third… Here the Russian captain of the submarine is made reflective on the death of his son. And something similar in almost every novel by American authors. And in the details implausible enough. Like Harry and Pete on an iceberg in a stormy wind coming out of an ice cave and … .. talk. You’re on the street, in a typical Russian snowstorm, try to conduct a conversation.

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