Ten years later by Alexandre DumaIf “the Three Musketeers” and “Twenty years later” I remember the bright and negative characters, the charisma which Dumas managed to create a really interesting description, in the third book of the series there are none. In the category of negative rather go themselves to main characters, no longer young and not young people, and pragmatists who want to implement their own plans, before there is no one to stop. It would seem, solely to eliminate the king from the throne, but talented Dumas is not a problem.

The empty space to create a story where influential monarch is a plaything in the hands of mischief — a fun find. And if this were indeed so, it may not Louis XIV sat on the throne, and his twin brother? Believing in the truthfulness of Dumas, the reader will easily confused in history. In this approach, the negative characters were irrelevant.

Remains the question why I had spent twenty years without career heroes began to build its capacity? It had no objective reasons. Nevertheless, the rich became richer, the religious and influential, arrogant reached the ceiling in a career military man, a humble and strong once again became a victim of circumstances, launching a mechanism for summarizing. Someone force rocks seem evil rock, Cannonball — trivial continuation, and awakened bloodlust Dumas — natural phenomenon.

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