THE RAPE OF THE LOCK BY ALEXANDER POPEThe work is the author’s introduction. It is dedicated to Arabella Fermor. The author suggest to her that she hadn’t overreacted to this creation, because this story, he wanted to amuse young girls who have common sense and a good sense of humor. He writes that in his creation everything is unreal, or rather unbelievable.

There is only one fact – “the loss of your curl”. And General resemblance of the heroine and Arabella – beauty. No more, no less. He knows the buzzwords in the presence of women is not entirely appropriate, but he really tend to strive for understanding. In the book describes the spirits: sylphs, gnomes, nymphs and salamanders.

The dwarves – big pranksters and very evil creatures, but the sylphs, on the contrary.
Rosicrucians say that people can enter into an intimate relationship with the sylphs, yet kept one condition: the observance of chastity.

Then the Pope talks about a fantasy world, where there was the most common incident. A fan of one girl cut her hair. This whole situation takes on a cosmic scale.

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