The-Strange-High-House-in-the-Mist.-by-Howard-Phillips-LovecraftThere are secrets, it is better for them to remain under cover of years. There are family damnations which are better for not stirring. There are family legends which are better for not telling. There are skeletons, it is better for them to remain in a case. And if you the owner of the ancient lock – think three times before restoring it and to live there.

Because you can get involved in an unpleasant incident in which, believe, absolutely you shouldn’t get. And it is impossible to think of her because the reason doesn’t perceive it. Do you think rats the main villains of this story? Lovecraft, appears, – not only the master of horrors, but also still the quite good literary critic.

Over the main literary work – rather impressive essay Howard worked for three years more than once supplementing and rewriting this work. “Supernatural horror in literature” – the analysis of the whole direction of literature of horrors, since times of the first works of a genre – spells of shamans and sorcerers – to Lovecraft’s contemporaries, however Howard hasn’t included own works in the analysis.

The essay begins the small preface in which the author has proved specifics of a genre what has to be the ideal mystical story. G. Lovecraft urges to estimate “great literature of horror” “not on intentions of the author or on art of creation of a plot, and on emotional heat”, on his frightening atmosphere that in a certain measure is true though a literary gift, it is undoubted (as in any other genre) you shouldn’t exclude. It is interesting that generally the story attracts Lovecraft. The majority of the works analysed by it – works of small volume whereas even more often the author avoids the whole novels.

In general, the work it will be pleasant more to admirers of a genre because will read the rest just boringly retellings about numerous regenerations and unclear death, secret magicians and spiteful monsters that inhabit the subsoil of our planet hidden to an eye.

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