Night-Chills-by-Dean-KoontzStrange things are beginning to happen in a quiet American town. Someone turns civilians into zombies, ready to kill on orders. These mean someone is a scientist, salsbery, with ex in the childhood to the roof on the ground committed against him of domestic violence.


Salisbury reveals a code that can “reveal” the identity of another person and use it as a doll. His idea he shares with one devout millionaire and his General. The experiment on brainwashing is decided to be carried out in a place forgotten by God – the town of Chernaya Rechka, where former soldiers of the great and mighty US army Paul come to stay With their children, which, in fact, calls into question the possibility of experimentally testing the hypothesis of our scientist. Although, it’s not just these Goodies. We all remember that the roof of our scientist-investigator proceeds on the sexual soil, so the experimenter has a ball with all the cute girls he encounters.

Will the series of senseless deaths ever end, or will the infernal mechanism launched by an unknown attacker destroy all mankind?

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