Warlock by Dean Koontz

The-Warlock-by-Dean-KoontzClairvoyant. Not immediately clear who wrote this piece. Only one time was something vaguely reminiscent of koontz. Surprisingly, maybe he has now changed the genre. But what a surprise when it turns out that the opposite is true, what you read later works, and is more informed.

This work at first it was interesting, yet dangerous journey and the mystery of the traitor. But then came the monotony of narration. Already thinking about when this is all over.

And looks interesting, but all solved. Even already guess how it ends. Like how bloom’s thoughts at the end about how easy to kill when you don’t see the enemy. When you seems to be a small bug. And if the war only at the peaks, they would be less, because to see the pain of others more difficult (especially knowing that you’re guilty of this).

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