the-history-of-henry-esmond-esq-by-william-thackerayHis trademark became well-known “Vanity Fair”, not less known, but perhaps his favorite, “the History of Henry Esmond”. There’s a Hero in this novel. He selfless, honest, noble, let a little boring in his righteousness, but not alien to human weaknesses, which he is well aware and accepts.


There’s a struggle in this novel. The struggle within his own soul. This struggle is intra-family, intra-state and inter – state-a whole bunch known to everyone.

There’s Love in this novel. Not a sweet romance and not a voluptuous effusion, and high, the virtuous and painful feeling, for which the main character commits such acts which, in our age, hardly anyone will be able to repeat, at least for drops of my own selfishness.

In this novel, it is clearly visible, as hiding behind the high state ideals, people satisfy their own ambitions and whims, without thinking. What actually will happen to the country and need to do it. And that high position in the light is not a guarantee of decency and generosity. Tekkerey as always colorfully describes the internal structure of England, its way of life, order and Outlook, despite the fact that the action takes place a century earlier than the author took up the pen.e History of Henry Esmond Esq by William Thackeray

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