The-Unparalleled-Adventure-of-One-Hans-Pfaall-by-Edgar-Allan-PoeA pleasant surprise was the fact that the good half of the story is not actually the journey itself, and the laws of physics, explaining the peculiarities of the preparation and course of this event.

It looks very interesting, and sometimes desperately uvlekatelno. Basically, don’t expect For such a topic, and still with a bias in the current school curriculum for grade 7. At says in the afterword that the purpose of such stories is to show through the “lunar” society, human and earthly, to show the shortcomings of our world, the absurdity of some human rules to determine what one must strive in its development. This is what you expect from the ” Unparalleled adventure…”. And that’s the way it turns out.

A good physical description of the lunar inhabitant gives detailed information and the journey from the earth to the moon actually contains a lot of Hans and ideas to “think” for the reader.
Science fiction such a plan-the most interesting genre. From-for this difficult and Jules Verne, and here and Edgar on, but write such a book need to. On the other hand, you need to be fair – someday, when a person will be able to fly to other galaxies on vacation, and all that is described in the more “thoughtful” fiction books, it seems as absurd as flying to the moon in a basket balloon. But all the same. This story is very interesting and it has a zest!..

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