The Gentle Grafter by O. HenryThe Gentle Grafter is much more interesting to read it entirely, in a row, because the stories are connected with the same main character, the most noble crook. Why noble? Yes, our rogue does not like “normal” street thefts and it is really unfair of fraud, and this distinguishes it from the others and makes the reader alert to follow the course of the story.

O. Henry is a master of words, of metaphors and short. And if you add British humor and a pinch of satire, you get hilarious stories, which are impossible to put down, and even with the most unexpected outcome (sometimes not even in favor of the protagonist). Of course, the best craftsmanship O. Henry can only be assessed when reading the original, but his lyrics are very, very difficult even for advanced.

Ironic, ingenious and funny. This tireless couple admires the noble rogues – they bought up all the pubs in the rainy season, then come up with a marriage Agency and widow deceived, then you go to the jewelry so the historical values. Then with the other scams will laugh, women will be annoyed with – they say you can’t take them to, too being emotional. Despite the fact that cheating is unfair and immoral, but so positive and funny! His rogues are seen as pranksters, but their pranks seem so harmless, like Carlson, who entices candy from the Baby. How can you be angry with Carlson?!

To write reviews on the works of O. Henry – it is empty because it is gorgeous. He knows how to laugh in any situation, at any time, and it’s not one generation. Such a uncle who is in the pub cheers men, good-natured and at the same time a genius. It is a sin not to buy this one more beer, honestly.

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