Bon-Bon-by-Edgar-Allan-PoeHere, the harsh winter… year, around midnight, Pierre Bon-Bon, after hearing the comments of neighbors about his strange tendencies and shoved them out of your home, – here, Pierre Bon-Bon was locked behind them with a curse the door and sank in the not-too peaceful mood, into the arms of the leather chair in front of the faggots which burnt on the hearth. It was one of those terrible nights that occur once or twice in a century.

The snow was falling with a fury, and the whole house to the ground shuddered under the jets of wind, which, breaking through the cracks in the wall and escaping from the chimney, inflated curtains from bed philosopher and messed up the entire economy of his manuscripts and casseroles. An impressive folio swinging outside signs, left to the fury of the tempest, creaked ominously under the moaning sound of his sturdy oak brackets. The mood is not peaceful, the metaphysician drew his chair to the usual place by the hearth…

Terrible description of the room is reminiscent of a very scary movie about mad scientists, whose house is in chaos. A terrible and senseless image pervade all living things, including the owner of this room demon.

Invisible Edgar Allan PoE the master of horror of the 19th century. His ability to frighten is above all praise. His characters are always shrouded in an aura of fear, sometimes even terror. Dark Carpini written the inner world of the writer to captivate the reader and make a whole to believe in the objectivity of what is happening around.

Everything is connected in one lump of chaos. The author himself is not involved like in action, but he is the narrator. His fear is transmitted to the reader. This makes the work very creepy

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