the-rose-and-the-ring-by-william-thackerayQuite an interesting little tale – era satire of Thackeray. In theory, it should be still interesting pictures that accompanied the original text.


The content is interesting and reader will want to read this book repeatedly, which indicates the high quality of the work and skill of the writer. Or more precisely, the plot of Thackeray relevant to the time of Thackeray. But it seems only at first glance.

Interesting read of the baby-poems (couplets) that accompany each Chapter (how to speak help, so it was in the original) and just want to see more of the work. The meaning of the Chapter is clear, but requires close attention. Everyone dreams to read this book in the original, and the translation is made simply perfectly: the two-sided letters remained, the speaking names and surnames quite speaking. Well, the language itself is also very fabulous. And here is for whom this a fairy tale? It seems that for children, but to determine what age it is very difficult, though very desirable.

Perhaps this little play is among works that are more interesting to think, and even more interesting to read them. But if there is no time and forces imagine, then, perhaps, can get away children to read on night. This is, of course, a controversial issue, because it is different for everyone in its own way.

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