Children-of-the-Storm-by-Dean-KoontzDean Koontz did not like the king. King is much more massive than Kunz. Such nonsense written by Dean, it seems even ingenious. Sold by the ton, and even understand why. Why not sell a book when a beautiful blonde gets a governess to the children of a millionaire threatened by a maniac who hangs out around the island in the Caribbean sea. In the house that Jack built. Plus, tropical storm, muscular men, as one of the Prime suspects.


To spice up the action, the cute implanted insert from the face of a maniac, a schizophrenic. The insert is very informative and concise, as all ingenious. “He had a knife. The knife was sharpened.

He was waiting for. Soon.”Sometimes, though, the maniac stops a bit, and he completely forgets what he was going to kill these unfortunate children of the rich. But then remembers that as they had never suffered! Punish them! And for the infliction of suffering. Very funny, not scary, that maniac chasing a long blond children on the island in the hurricane? He chases and brandishes a knife, and it bounces coconut. Dramatic and funny at the same time!

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