The-Duc-de-LOmelette-by-Edgar-Allen-PoeThe story is good. You should read Edgar PoE and get acquainted with his works. Perhaps, should be ludicrous, so as foolish. But the smile pulls.

The arrogant Duke dies of disgust when he watches a bird. Moreover, the Duke such that in modern society would be called-an Amateur to show themselves. Goes to the Devil. And last, not particularly described in any way. More life, then the game, its outcome. Curtain. Moreover, as the setting, and the dark king sinister and creepy, and comply with its terrible role. Perhaps we should read separately outside of the collection, and in General, everything will be clear as day, but in isolation a short story very interesting in content.

Mystical short story, and even the house of the Devil has been our main character. Sounds ridiculous.

The death of the Duke had been overtaken suddenly. De Omelette so accustomed to their life that they are in the hands of Beelzebub, decided to disobey his orders. But he could not disobey. Then, before the luxury of housing and in the situation, which turned out to be-decided not to miss the opportunity to compete for life. What is the meaning of the scene and what is the real idea in this work is difficult to answer, but that’s the beauty.

thinks this story will remain closed to understanding. For criticism and evaluation, you would like to see what readers will say.

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