demon-child-dean-koontzThe demons are not children. Demons adults. Especially those who get their turn of the children. Jenny is an orphan whose parents died in a car accident when she was a teenager, and after 7 years and grandmother died, to unwind before work, she goes to see aunt Cora and her son Richard. Something mystical in the death of their parents? The driver lost control on the wet road and hit them, and grandma die more often than their grandchildren. So, it was kind of incomprehensible to think that there is something mystical. But aunt Cora is a kind-hearted person – she brought up a foster son and nephews took her husband from a bad mother. And now my niece invited me and that’s why her kindness and decided to play selfish uncle.


And yet the book reminded of “the hound of the Baskervilles” Does tribal curse, a wolf and greed. Therefore, the book contains many interesting secrets and mysteries. An old topic from a different angle and in another country adds the charm of a new story.

Children only wish. Richard Brecker and his stepmother Cora did not attach importance to the legend of the family curse until their house is not a distant relatives – seven-year-old twins Freya and Frank. They both had a hard childhood and that this explains some oddities – baby Freya was confident that she was a werewolf, turning at night into a bloodthirsty wolf. It would seem that this is simply childish fantasy. But as soon as the child is immersed in a deep sleep, in the district, which have long been wiped out all the wolves, you hear a terrible howl and in the morning people find lacerated the bodies of rabbits, horses and even humans.

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