cold-fire-by-dean-koontzAttention, start the dive! The starting point is California, the end point is the depths of the human soul. What is our life filled with? Study, work, meetings with friends… Jim it is not so.


He has no friends, he quit his job, he does not know what he will do in the near future. He has “fits” of the divine will. Through him, using his body, God saves people from certain death: snatches children from under the wheels of trucks, shoots murderers a second before committing a crime… Jim doesn’t ask questions like, “why me?”or” why these people?”. It’s not a big deal until she meets Holly, a young journalist who’s caught fire to write an article about him after she witnessed one of his miraculous rescues.

Both the first and do not realize where they will lead the investigation… Who could have imagined that the Lord manages Jim… Who knows what to expect when the ringing of bells or the beating of a heart, coming all around? Why they’ve been having terrible nightmares mill, which Holly didn’t even see, and Jim was very fond of as a child? What to do when its walls are filled with amber light and burst like a shell, letting out a monster? Who or what lies deep in the pond? And most importantly, what kind of secrets does Jim’s past keep? Smo-gut if they take this path to the end and what awaits them in the final? The book is very interesting. And at first it is simply interesting, and in the second half, when the riddles are gradually revealed and the book acquires not just a mystical direction, but mostly psychological, it becomes simply non-ordinary. No wonder the beginning of the review with the words “immersion”: the book causes the full effect of the presence.

Mysterious story of Jim Isenhart like deeper and deeper behind-tensile you, showing that not everything is so simple, you can’t hang up on God… A lot comes from us… And, having finished reading to the end, you learn, in what trap the small ten-year-old boy can drive himself and how not just to get out of it.

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